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peridot beads rondelle beads gemstone

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peridot beads - rondelle beads - gemstone beads - august birthstone

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Naturlal peridot rondelle beads. These are lime green in color, cuts are fine and well polished. Each strand is 13 inches long. Peridot is the birthstone of august. These beads are very useful for beading project Peridot is mentioned in many ancient references as chrysolite. It is mentioned throughout the Bible, and early Christians considered it sacred.

Gemstone: Natural peridot
Shape: Rondelle
Size: 2 mm

Peridot is a stone of lightness and beauty. Only spiritual or clear-minded persons should use peridot. The person with too many earthly problems will not be able to understand the beauty of the Peridot. The very spiritual can wear peridot in a necklace with the stone at the base of the throat to feel its soothing effect. Used in a necklace, peridot is a protector against negative emotions.

Peridot has been known to have healing effect on the gall bladder and liver.