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Tiger eye gemstone cabochon rectangle

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Tiger eye - gemstone cabochon - rectangle cab - 23x16 mm

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Beautiful high quality natural tiger eye gemstone cabochon. It is one of a kind and great for your jewellery project like ring and pendant...
You will get the stone as shown in the picture.

Gemstone: Tiger eye
Shape: Rectangular
Size: 23x16x7 mm

Tiger eye is a gemstone that resembles eye of tiger, it is very well known for its mystical properties. These gemstones are said to be of part power of the earth and part power of the sun. It is revered as a gemstone that possess powers to attract wealth and luck by parts of many different societies, and many Christians also believe in the powerful abilities of these stones. It can convert potential energy of thought into material riches.

Tiger Eye is the gemstones to help you manifest your thoughts into reality. Tigers Eye is really the gemstones for the serious spiritual student that is really tired of complacency, and is ready to move through difficult times and is seeking extra help. It provides balance, clarity and strength in times of doubt during critical phases of life. Tigers Eye can really be beneficial today to treat ailments such as ADD, anxiety, procrastination, etc. These are all issues based on the need to be well grounded it helps one to be practical in handling affairs.