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Red jasper pendant gemstone macrame

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Red jasper pendant - gemstone macrame jewelry

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Beautiful handmade red jasper gemstone macrame pendant. The crystal like structure in the gemstone look very bright and beautiful.The stone is hand picked and well polished .Give this gift to your love ones. You will get the same pendant as shown in the picture. a better gift idea..

Gemstone:Red Jasper
Size: 40x33 mm
Shape: Drop
Leather cord: 20 inches
Handmade Complimented with synthetic cord and beautiful gift boxed.

I have few more colour cords, if you want another one please let me know.

Red Jasper also known as the Supreme Nurturer is the stone of the earth. Red Jasper is one of the oldest known gemstones that had been used for thousands of years. It has been highly regarded in ancient Egypt, Babylon and was worn by the pharaohs kings and priests. It was mentioned in the bible as the gift of God, also as one of the stones in the breastplate of Aaron. The Native Americans revered Red Jasper and considered it the ultimate grounding and healing stone. Red Jasper is a powerful healing Earth stone known for replenishing energy, giving courage and confidence for those that wear it. It works very well when it is on your body, so by wearing it as a jewelry or simply placing the stone on your root chakra is very beneficial. Meditating with Red Jasper can bring insights and answers.