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Natural round brilliant cut crystal

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Natural round brilliant cut crystal - 12 mm

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This is natural crystal quartz . It is brilliant cut in shape and the color is clear water color. The cuts are fine and smooth. Gemstone is round is shape and light refracts from all the angles. This is a magical gemstone...more beautiful than picture. Quartz crystals are comprised of silicon dioxide and they form in a wide variety of different colors and types.

Gemstone: Natural crystal quartz
Shape: Round
Cuts: Brilliant
Size: 12 mm
Height: 7 mm

I have more crystals having different size and shape.

Clear quartz may be fashioned into crystal wands. These are made from clear quartz which may be precision cut into the powerful Vogel wands. Vogels are potent metaphysical healing tools which bring through a higher level of healing energy. Wearing any type of natural crystals... such as a pendant, ring or other jewelry... keeps them within your aura... so that you are constantly able to utilize the vibration they emit.

In feng shui , clear quartz is used for its ability to hold and transmute light, as well as, of course, to cleanse/purify the energy. Clear quartz can be used extensively as a feng shui cure in any bagua area that needs clearing (and can benefit from the earth feng shui element of the crystal).

A clear quartz cluster in the living room can be a beautiful remedy to create more harmony in the family, while smooth clear tumbled crystals can bring freshness and light to your altar , for example. A round faceted clear quartz is used as a feng shui crystal cure for a variety of feng shui situations, from a direct door alignment to a dark corner with stagnant energy.