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Natural labradorite drop gemstone macrame

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Natural labradorite drop gemstone macrame necklace jewelry

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Beautiful handmade natural labradorite macrame pendant jewelry. Labradorite is full of golden fire and it is complimented with leather cord with silver clasp. It's golden flash make it a gemstone pendant gift ideas.

Gemstone: Natural Labradorite
Shape: Pear
Size: 47x35x5 mm
Leather cord : 20 inches.
Beautiful gift boxed.

I have few more colour cords, in last pics, if you want another one please let me know.

Labradorite brings to light areas which have been hidden, allowing for more to be understood. Freezes your actions in Meditation; that is slows anger, ego projection and allows the user to see what is present, as is. Anti- Ego Consciousness, Anti-Arrogance, Anti Illusion, Installs humility, anti-haste. Encourages stability in the self, grounding and centring, places the consciousness closer to the true self expression.

Magical Use: Enhancing Mental Abilities, increasing psychic abilities, rational thought, prudence, patience. Judgement, discernment.
Healing Use: Eyes, Stress, Brain functions.

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