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Natural gemstone hessonite rondelle full

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Natural gemstone hessonite rondelle full strand beads

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Naturlal hessonite stunning beautiful rondelle full strands beads. These are red and dark cream in color, cuts are fine and well polished. It is used as january birthstone like garnet. You will get one full strand beads.

Gemstone: Natural hessonite
Shape: Rondelle
Size: 2 mm

The gomed Gemstone removes fear complexes and blesses the individual with self confidence and the courage to take over anything. The individual who wears a Gomed ring or Gomed pendant get the capacity to take on life, “ Head On”.

Hessonite is an extremely important stone in Vedic astrology and like other garnets, it may also be worn as one of the traditional birthstones for the month of January. For many years, gems that were thought to be zircon were discovered to be hessonite. The name, 'hessonite', was derived from the Greek word 'hesson', meaning 'inferior' - in reference to the fact that hessonite has a density and hardness lower than that of most other forms of garnet.