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Green onyx round beads gemstone

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Green onyx round beads - gemstone 8 mm - full strand

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Natural green onyx round beads. Threse gemstone beads are round in shape and polished very well. You will get 48 round beads. It will fullfill your beading project. I have 6 mm, 8mm,10 mm green onyx, black onyx, carnelian,coral and yellow agate beads.

Gemstone: Natural green onyx
Shape: Spherical - round
Size: 8 mm

The benefits of Onyx stone pour in abundance over those who belong to Leo or Capricorn Zodiac Sign. Also, those engaged in any business or trade derives growth and accomplishment in their ventures out of the person who wears this stone.

Onyx gemstone manipulates all Chakras, arouses them, and makes them function successfully in sync with one another to derive utmost overall benefits for its wearers. Those who are suffering from any sort of health problem related to bones, nerves, kidney, eyes, teeth, or heart, or from the problems of Glaucoma, hopelessness, epilepsy, blood disorders, and sleeping disorders are highly recommended by healers to have this stone for attaining relief.