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Green nephrite jade natural gemstone

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Green nephrite jade natural gemstone cabochon

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Stunning beautiful natural green nephrite jade round cabochon. This round cab is well polished. You can use this natural gemstone to creat ring, earrings and bracelet.
Green nephrite jade is known as one of the oldest gemstone used by human beings. The name 'nephrite' was derived from the Greek word for 'kidney', which refers to its supposed ability to cure kidney disease. The term 'jade' was derived from 'Piedra de Ijada', a Spanish phrase meaning 'stone for the pain in the side'

Gemstone: Green nephrite jade
Shape: Round
Size: 20 mm

Jade is a talisman of personal protection and one of the joy of nature. It is a powerful guardian of your loved ones and your physical security. The magnetite in these stones provides extra protection. This stone will bring you the blessings and protections of many Goddesses. You should always carry a small piece in your pocket when outside your home.