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Flower jasper oval pendant gemstone

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Flower jasper oval pendant - gemstone macrame jewelry

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Beautiful handmade floewr jasper gemstone pendant . This macrame jewelry is oval in shape and knitted very beautifully. Flower jasper is known as a whimsical stone; its creamy base is swirled together with mauve, gray, mustard and raspberry. This stone is very hard to find. This pendant is complimented with synthetic leather cord with sterling silver clasp.

It is known to lift spirits, calm a broken heart and help one move out of depression. It gives insight into personal difficulty and offers you a strong feeling of stability. Native Americans revered flower jasper and believed it to be the ultimate healing and grounding stone. Flower Jasper is a very powerful healing Earth gemstone recognized for replenishing energies, giving confidence and courage for those who wear it. It will work very well if it is touched on your body, thus by wearing it like jewellery or just placing the gemstone on root chakra is extremely beneficial. It is also said that meditating with Flower Jasper can bring answers and insights.
When you see someone wearing flower jasper, it's like unexpectedly seeing a bouquet of warm, sunny colors. Everything seems lighter: the room, other people's faces, and your own mood, especially.

Gemstone: Flower jasper
Shape: Oval
Size: 53x27x5 mm
Beautiful gift boxed.

I have few more colour cords, if you want another one please let me know.