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Black spinel beads black spinel

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Black spinel beads - black spinel rondelle beads - gemstone beads

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Naturlal black spinel rondelle beads. These are dark black in color, cuts are fine and well polished. Each strand is 13 inches long. Spinel, though often mistaken historically for other stones such as ruby or sapphire, is a valid mineral in its own right and has many positive energetic properties. In metaphysical and crystal healing lore, spinel of virtually any color is known for these energy vibrations and more.

Gemstone: Black spinel
Shape: Rondelle
Size: 2 mm approx

Spinel is a stone that can bring high energy to all efforts and all realms. In the outer world, spinel is used to attract money, wealth and prosperity. It can also be used to bring vitality to any endeavor.
Spinel is used in the mental realm for intellectual power and to help reduce or eliminate forgetfulness. With its stabilizing effect as a Root Chakra stone, spinel can also bring a soothing sense of calm in the midst of high energy or challenging situations. It is also a lovely stone for reducing stress and relieving depression as well as encouraging one to move toward one's best blessings even if it may appear difficult.